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Our Philosophy

Experienced. Aggressive. Professionals.

We are aggressive, experienced trial lawyers. Aggressive means that we move toward our clients' goals, according to plan. We do not back down. And, we do not stop until those goals are reached. Look at our Lawyers. Look at our Results.

  • We are courtroom lawyers, whether in civil or administrative/workers compensation courtrooms; whether before a Judge or Jury.

  • We understand that we represent our clients and we place their interests first, whether a business, an individual or representative of a business or non-profit organization. We recognize and appreciate the confidence and trust placed in us by our client. We understand that our success is theirs.

  • We believe that thorough preparation resolves and "wins" cases. Lawsuits, particularly, are like appendicitis. They do not get better by inattention. We pay attention to your problems and work with you to resolve them.

  • We believe that character, like family, counts and is consistent. We all have families; most of us have young children. We conduct ourselves in a manner that makes our families - and our clients - proud.

  • We believe that we are both blessed and fortunate to be in a position to select our clients, as they are in a position to decide to work with us. We believe that our devotion to what is right and the relentless efforts toward your goals makes us all successful.

  • We provide high quality work product tailored to each case and desired result at a reasonable cost. We do not waste time or money, do not write memos that no one reads, and we do not play games with client assets. Our reputation among our peers is that we are "very smart, very aggressive and very professional".

  • We have a vested interest in your best interests. Our goals are long-term client relationships.

If you have a question about our practice you can contact us through e-mail at or submit our Request Form for a Free Consultation.