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Litigation & Trials Attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In our trial practice, we represent manufacturers and sellers of industrial, commercial and consumer products; we represent property and business owners and contractors; law firms, licensed professionals and their businesses, we represent nationally known retail chains, dining and restaurant establishments; we represent those entities involved in the sale of alcohol and marijuana; we represent bus and trucking companies and those in the logistics business; we represent financial entities and pursue creditor's rights; we represent insurers and their insureds in coverage actions and prosecute declaratory judgment actions on their behalf.

In short, we have represented nearly every industry and service. The scope of our representation runs from relatively small matters handled by a single attorney to complex litigation, requiring the personal attention, relationships, resources, and experience that our Firm can provide without the additional costs often associated with larger organizations using inexperienced or "litigation" (i.e., non-trial) lawyers.

Our representation of employers is limited only by the scope of an employer's concerns. Their commercial litigation, employment-related practices, ADA, discrimination, and workers compensation claims are our concerns too.

We provide our clients with predictable litigation results at a reasonable cost in every action. In each case we - our firm and clients -develop case-specific litigation plans and budgets. Our plans are geared to lay out what must be done to work toward those expected results. And, we carry that plan out, on budget.

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We believe that when we actually define through this analysis, planning, and aggressive pursuit or defense of a claim, what a "win" is, every case should be a "win."

Simply stated, we "plan" on winning.

We look forward to working with you.

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"In every battle, there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins." -

U. S. Grant